Man allegedly threatened Taylor Swift with bomb, called her father and managers

An alleged stalker obsessed with Taylor Swift has been arrested on charges of stalking the mega-popular singer and threatening her management.

Mitchell Taebel, 36, is accused of showing up at Swift's Nashville residence after sending photos of weapons to her management team, threatening to "destroy" them.

Taebel is also accused of contacting and leaving a message for Swift's father, reportedly telling him that he is the singer's "soulmate" and the only person capable of protecting her.

Taebel was arrested by the La Porte County Sheriff's Office on June 2 on multiple federal charges.

The suspect reportedly drove from his home in Long Beach, California, to Swift's apartment building on May 5, where he gained entrance through an unlocked door.

"I went to [Swift’s] apartment complex and anybody in my opinion that thinks it is illegal in any way to go to somebody’s apartment to see if they want to meet should be killed. They should die of a heart attack on a spot," Taebel reportedly said on Instagram after going to the residence.

Taylor Swift_Mitchell Taebel

Mitchell Taebel, an alleged stalker obsessed with Taylor Swift, has been arrested on charges of stalking the mega-popular singer and threatening her management. (Madeleine Cook/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images and La Porte County Sheriffs Office)

Security at Swift's Nashville show the next day also spotted Taebel, who managed to circumvent his ban from the concert by buying tickets second-hand.

Swift's management company obtained a restraining order on May 11.

Following his failed attempts to gain access to Swift, Taebel reportedly posted a series of threats on social media, at one point claiming that his "dying wish is that anyone who had anything to do with them not meeting should be executed."

The social media videos posted by Taebel also reportedly contained extensive racial diatribes.

Taebel is currently in prison and facing charges of stalking, intimidation, invasion of privacy and harassment regarding his attempts to communicate with the pop superstar and her staff.

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