Nightly Roundup: 'Bishop or Broker;' search for 'armed and dangerous' suspect

From a bishop accused of coming to Arizona to broker trafficked patients to a rather shocking discovery inside a Mesa home, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Thursday, September 14, 2023.

1. Shocking allegations against pastor


‘Treated like animals’: Pastor kept patients in unsanitary home while brokering them for thousands, AGO says

A man known as a bishop in California is accused of coming to Arizona to broker trafficked patients hoping to get sober. FOX 10 spoke exclusively to the facility that turned down the bishop’s offer.

2. Search for ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect south of the Valley


Police searching for 'armed and dangerous' fugitive in Coolidge, school lockdowns lifted

Police are asking the public to avoid areas west of 10th Place and Vah Ki Inn Road. There is currently no access to the Seasons at the Village neighborhood.

3. They found what???


Yikes! 20 rattlesnakes found inside Arizona man's garage

An Arizona man had quite the shock, after seeing what he first thought were three rattlesnakes lurking in the garage of his East Valley home.

4. Attack outside Phoenix bar


2 women attacked, stabbed victim outside Phoenix bar, police say

The alleged stabbing happened at Ain't Nicks Tavern at around 10 p.m. The victim, who was found with a stab wound, is currently in the hospital in stable condition.

5. Video shows javelinas gathering outside home


Video shows group of javelinas outside North Phoenix home

Surveillance video captured by a Phoenix resident shows a moment that is rather endearing, but also potentially dangerous.