Phoenix Suns fans revel in 'Valley Oop' win over LA Clippers

On Wednesday, all is calm outside the Phoenix Suns Arena, but there's still a buzz in the air about Tuesday night's win over the Los Angeles Clippers in game two of the Westen Conference Finals.

With less than a second left to play in game two, Deandre Ayton's game-winning dunk was felt across the NBA landscape, now known as the "Valley Oop."

The dunk was captured on cell phones by countless fans.

It was more than just a game-winning basket because of what it means for a franchise and its fans, whether you're sitting in the nosebleeds, up close and personal, or at the bar with your friends.

The play sparked pandemonium in the Valley, witnessed by experts like ESPN analysts Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon.

Smith was caught on video by Omar Morena with quite literally a speechless reaction.

"I've been waiting for almost 30 years and I'm sure a lot of other fans have waited if not much longer," said Vickie Perez. She got to witness the win on her 40th birthday.

"When I purchased the tickets I had the ‘TBD.’ I had no idea the time. Just so happens to be my birthday and my mom said, ‘What are you gonna do for your birthday?’ And I said, 'I'm going to the Suns game.' She said, ‘No fancy dinner?’ I said, ‘no.’ I had a pretzel for dinner and that was good enough," Perez said.

She fell in love with the Suns in 1992. She's not only a fan but a former sports reporter, too.

Perez has seen it all, the wins and losses. She believes in the "Rally the Valley" mantra
and never had a doubt in the team's potential as the Suns gave fans a night to remember.

"I think of us as like a community and family and if we do have faith, like I did last night, and you boo Paul George and you think he's absolutely not gonna make those shots, I do feel that faith moves mountains," she said.

The Suns will be holding Road Game Rallies where fans can watch away games inside Phoenix Suns Arena for $10 a person.

More information on the rallies and the new "Valley Oop" T-shirt can be found here

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