Rally the Valley Express: Phoenix Suns head to LA for Western Conference Finals

Phoenix Suns fans were fired up for Game 2 against the Los Angeles Clippers for the Western Conference Finals, whether they were headed inside the area or watching at a local bar.

"We're going to rally in the Valley tonight, it's going to be exciting and we got it!" said one fan. "Suns in four!"

The crowd was chanting and cheering, and now it's on to Los Angeles for Games 3 4 - with Suns fans trailing right behind.

The Rally the Valley Express is hoping to take fans from Phoenix to the Staples Center in downtown LA to catch Game 4.

"We have a bus that we're going to be taking from Wild Horse Pass Casino and [it's] headed to LA," said co-owner Tyler Vasquez. "It's going to be a party the whole 6, 7 hours to LA."

The bus leaves June 26. Originally, the Birdgang Travel Club only traveled for the Cardinals games, but with the Suns bringing the heat, they're expanding.

"It's huge because it gives us something to cheer for," Vasquez said. "For years when we started with the Cards, it started in the heels of the NFC championship, and now with the Suns, its kind of similar…it's ideal to get the fans on the road to support the team, and the team feels it."

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