Some are working at COVID-19 vaccination sites as volunteers in order to get vaccine

Young adults are finding faster ways to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and they're doing it by donating their time.

Those young adults who engage in volunteering efforts can can get a shot sooner than the rest of their age group. It's a great incentive for young people who want to get vaccinated, especially those who are healthy and will have to wait until it's available to everyone.

For Nicholas Lenard, volunteering with HandsOn Greater Phoenix was a win-win situation. Lenard, a healthy 31-year-old, says he would have waited quite sometime to get his shot if he didn't volunteer.

"It incentivizes you to do good things, as far as volunteering and doing something for your community," said Lenard. "The guys that set this up are geniuses."

The organization is allowing volunteers to get the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine the same day they complete one volunteer shift. They will then schedule another date and time for the volunteer's second shot. Lenard says the opportunity is a great incentive for those who are not in the age groups to get a vaccine, but want to get vaccinated.

Currently, the volunteering efforts involve working outside, but as the Valley starts to heat up, they are moving some locations indoors. Others will be night shifts, and the length of volunteers shifts will change.

"It's a tough time," said Lenard. "Everyone is struggling, and it's tough to come out here. You want to be safe and vaccinated, but really, people coming out here and doing this, it's great, and it's a win for me and a lot of volunteers."

Vaccinate State 48 volunteer opportunities

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