Students transition back to online learning after Phoenix middle school COVID-19 outbreak

After the Madison School District reported cases of COVID-19 in one of its middle schools, students are transitioning back to virtual learning for the next two weeks.

In a statement, officials with the Madison School District say the 14-day quarantine period for students and staff members at Madison No. 1 Middle School began on Oct. 26.

The quarantine was issued after a fourth student tested positive for COVID-19. 

Parents now have to adjust back to their previous mode of helping their children with online learning not long after they were approved for in-person learning.

"We're just trying to stay flexible. That we kind of expected it and honestly I expect it again," said mother of four, Liz Brinkman.

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One of her kids was already doing virtual learning for high school, but the other three had gone back to in-person schooling. That's until this past week, when Madison No. 1 Middle School reported cases of COVID-19.

Now, all of her kids are home learning virtually.

"It took a while for us to get used to it. We are constantly liking our new normal every day. We wake up with wonder and curiosity, what's next?" Brinkman said.

At this point, they have their home learning schedule pretty much down, but some days are, of course, better than others.

"We have a schedule or things will completely fall apart and to be honest things do fall apart. We can just laugh about it or lose our minds for a second, but come back together," Brinkman explained.

It's just a matter of being flexible, she said, adding that her main priority will always be the health and safety of her children.

The expected return date for students and staff to return is Nov. 9.

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