Super Bowl woes: Phoenix apartment residents left frustrated after management closes off common areas

The Super Bowl is creating an inconvenience for some residents who live in Downtown Phoenix.

According to an email sent to residents at the X Phoenix apartment complex, located along Monroe Street, they won't have access to the Social Club, which includes the pool, office space and gym.

The email says "the X Crew" is planning a long weekend of activities surrounding the Super Bowl, which includes closures of the 8th and 9th floors starting next week, and lasting until the 16th.

Some residents say they were taken by surprise.

"I think it's the pool area as well as the gym. It's the whole 9th floor. When we want to work from home, that's where we can also use that area, so it's the whole community area," said Vanessa Castaneta.

This is leaving residents who use these common areas upset.

"It's just very inconvenient that we're paying for these amenities for our own building, and they're closing them off for special events that we're also not invited to, so it's a little frustrating, to say the least," said Kevin Scholfield.

"It's a huge reason why I signed up for the apartment. It's the awesome amenities, office space. I fell in love with it. It solved a huge problem for me," said Tim Chow.

"It's ridiculous because I pay for this, and I pay a lot of money to live here, and I'm not able to use these amenities," said Castaneta.

Now, residents who use the amenities regularly are going to have to look for an alternative.

"It changes my plans because I was there all day -- today, for eight, nine hours training my team -- and I go there to work in the office space pretty regularly," said Chow.

Others are going directly to the source, wanting answers.

"I spoke to the manager yesterday (Feb. 2)," said Scholfield. "She actually didn't give me any details about what is going on, but just said everything is closed to residents until after the Super Bowl."

We went to the apartment complex on Feb. 3 to get a response from management, but they say they could not comment.

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