White Claw's vodka drink is here

Variety packs of White Claw Hard Seltzer are displayed for sale inside an Albertsons Cos. grocery store in San Diego, California, U.S. on Monday, June 22, 2020. Existing shareholders of Albertsons Cos., including Cerberus Capital Management, are seek

White Claw’s newest products have launched.

In select North American markets, White Claw's vodka — both flavored and unflavored — is rolling out, according to a press release.

The brand, known for its hard seltzers, said it has also created White Claw Vodka + Soda canned cocktails that contain its new spirit.

The company had previously posted about the vodka and ready-to-drink vodka sodas on social media earlier in March.

White Claw’s canned vodka sodas are only available in the U.S., either as part of a variety pack or a single-flavor pack, according to the brand. The four fruity flavors, at 4.5% alcohol by volume, are pineapple, peach, wild cherry and watermelon. They appear to have the same calorie count as White Claw’s hard seltzers.

The vodka that Mark Anthony Group-owned White Claw is launching by itself and in the ready-to-drink vodka sodas is what the brand called "triple wave filtered." 


That process involves the "use of immense pressure equal to three 30-foot waves," according to the release. The vodka is "filtered through activated carbon from charred coconut shells," it said.

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"We spent almost a decade researching and developing a new way to show drinkers what complexity looks, tastes and feels like within the minimalist experience of vodka," Mark Anthony Group CEO Anthony von Mandl said. "We created one of the most complex production processes of any vodka in the world to produce a vodka unlike any other."

White Claw bottles its White Claw Premium Vodka in Kentucky

The unflavored vodka is 80-proof, while the mango, black cherry and pineapple vodkas are slightly lower, at 60-proof.

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