Yoga teacher on trial for sexual misconduct: Jury gets the case

The jury has received the case in the trial of Lindsey Radomski. She's the former yoga instructor accused of getting drunk at a Bar Mitzvah and letting boys touch her breasts.

This was certainly an R-rated, if not X-rated trial at times. During seven weeks of testimony, we often heard sexually explicit details of the Bar Mitzvah that went bad.

The owners of Sumits Yoga, the Henigs, threw the Bar Mitzvah for their son at their home in Scottsdale on the night of March 21, 2015. Radomski was at the party as well. She worked at the yoga studio, had recently undergone breast augmentation surgery thanks to the Henigs.

That night, Radomski, who admits to drinking heavily, allegedly flashed her breasts, allowed the teen boys to grope and fondle her breasts and an even more graphic sex act with a 15-year-old boy.

She is facing 10 counts, all misdemeanors stemming from this night and eight boys who were at that party.

Her defense attorneys have tried to paint the boys as the aggressors here and Radomski as a very drunk young woman who was passed out during most of the encounters.

"Any of this.. if anyone is thinking.. might be guilty on counts one and two," said Radomski's attorney, Joquese Blackwell.

"That counsel spent a lot of time talking about the way our society treats women and the way we blame them when they are victimized, but what he was really arguing was you can't convict her because she's a woman.. you can't hold her accountable because these were boys," said Scottsdale City Prosecutor Caron Close.

The jury has the case now and we will let you know the outcome.

Radomski is facing as much as six months in jail. The 10 counts she's facing for sexual indecency and indecent exposure are all misdemeanors.