American Airlines employees packed hygiene kits for California wildfire victims

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Those who lost everything in the devastating California wildfires could be in temporary housing for months, and on Tuesday, hundreds of American Airlines employees stepped up to help out.

Those employees started filling those bags early in the morning, and didn't finish up until around 5:00 p.m.. Employees said they are happy to help, in any way they can.
The employees we spoke to said their happy to help any way they can.

It was a team effort, with hundreds of American Airlines employees lending a helping hand inside the airlines cargo facility, filling bags with hygiene items from toothpastes to wash clothes, for the thousands of individuals affected by the wildfires.

"There's such a need," said Suzanne Boda with American Airlines. "Obviously, this has been a tragedy in California, and the need is so great that we know that people will be in temporary shelters for some time."

Employees put together 20,000 bags that the Red Cross will distribute.

"In 92 years, this is the largest build we've ever done," said Boda.

When all is said and done, the bags will fill 41 pallets, which will be shipped off to California Tuesday night.

"Those are our customers. We just want to help give back and do our little part to help them get back on their feet, and put their lives back together,' said John Daley with American Airlines.