Arizona governor signs anti-hazing law, years after death of ASU fraternity pledge

As colleges and universities begin the Fall 2022 semester, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed a new law designed to help keep students safe from hazing.

Ducey signed a bill Thursday that bans activities involving physical or mental brutality, sexual humiliation, or forcing someone to consume food, alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that could cause physical of emotional harm.

The family of former ASU student Jack Culolias applauded the bill after their loved one drowned in the Salt River back in 2012. His fraternity reportedly forced him to drink excessively during a hazing event at a bar.

"It's ridiculous that these kids can force this type of injury and torture to another child because they did it," said Jack's mother, Grace. "Not everybody's the same. Not everybody can handle the same amount of torture and pain."

Violation of the law, which takes effect next month, could result in six months behind bars.

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