Arizona teenager creates app to help teens find volunteer opportunities

An Arizona teenager took a blanket drive for the homeless and grew it into a nonprofit for all teenagers to help.

Molly Budhiraja said it can sometimes be hard for a kid to find a way to help, but now she's helping fix that problem.

My Wish For My Community got started back in 2021. Budhiraja collected blankets for the homeless and realized there were too many barriers preventing teens from volunteering.

"There are so many kids out there that really want to volunteer, they just don't know how, they don't know how get started, and don't have the resources," the teen said.

The app allows kids to find volunteering opportunities and track hours.

"It is mainly there to provide a simple resource…access to getting volunteer hours, getting involved and making a difference," Budhiraja said.

Molly's app was congressionally recognized and received the President's Volunteer Service Award.

For teen pianist Hong-Tam La, it helped connect her skills to her community.

"Help them have a peace of mind, maybe they're having a hard day and my music can soothe them," La said.

It grew so much and so fast that she now has a board to help oversee the nonprofit.

"One person does one thing, and it leads to a ripple effect of so many other things," Budhiraja said. "I started with the blanket drive…but now it's grown into an established organization."

Check out the app:

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