Heading to Lake Pleasant? Tips to stay safe this weekend

Lake Pleasant is expected to be packed for Memorial Day weekend, and county officials have a few reminders to keep people safe.

Last summer, the lake saw a string of drownings. There were at least six straight weekends where someone died in the water in 2022, whether it was from people going overboard or from other boating accidents.

Right now, the lake looks great. It's 92% full, and it'll take every drop for the thousands of expected visitors to make a splash this weekend.

Some tips:

  • Wear a proper fitting life jacket, and inflatable pool toys don't count.
  • Never swim or hike alone.
  • Keep an eye on children.
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Lake officials say it's often paddleboarders, canoes and kayakers who get themselves into trouble, and they sometimesthink they don't need a life vest when they actually do.

By this time last spring, five people had drowned at Lake Pleasant - five weekends in a row. 

'What we really need to stress when it comes to adult age, people, take swim lessons, don't be embarrassed about it," said Detective Rob Marske with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. "We feel that once you reach a certain age - late teenager, adult - you're kind of embarrassed to admit you can't swim or not a very good swimmer. We need to change that stigma and encourage more swimming lessons."

Additionally, a fire ban is in place, and all the campsites are booked.

Learn more about Lake Pleasant rules this weekend here.

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