Home sales in Arizona doing well for those selling during the pandemic, realtor says

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It would be understandable to be hesitant listing your home during this pandemic.

Home sales have been down across the country, but FOX 10's Steve Nielsen spoke with a local realtor who just had her best month of sales ever and actually said right now is a fantastic time to list.

Realtor Kelly Henderson said it is because the people who are looking to buy right now are are serious.

As COVID-19 became widespread in Arizona, she started preparing.

Henderson works for Momentum Real Estate Group, saying they cut back on all of their expenses, tightened up on anything they could, while both personally and professionally expecting the worst to happen.

But she said it never did.


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While the number of home sales in the Valley has dropped since mid-March, Henderson says the price of homes has been steady.

"The price of homes on average is very consistent. People right now people have the assumption because things are going on that prices must be falling and when people talk about economic shifts it doesn’t always have to involve a decrease in price," she explained.

In fact, she said while many realtors have stopped showing, the ones that are haven't seen a drop in business.

"It’s been a fantastic month and very consistent which is even better. Our May is trending just like our April was," Henderson said.

If someone is thinking about listing a home, Henderson said there are fewer people looking, but the ones that are, they're serious.

"In general, if somebody has an average home, it’s a fantastic time to be on the market," she said.

So prices have been steady throughout this, and it’s been tough to see into the future during this pandemic but according to new research from Fannie Mae, they forecast home prices to slightly increase by the end of 2020.

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