Non-profit helps unemployed workers get ready for job interviews

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Since its grand opening last year, St. Joseph The Worker has transformed the lives of over 500 homeless or disadvantaged individuals.

"Usually when they walk in, especially during the summer heat in Arizona, they're in tank tops and things that they have that aren't making them stand up straight," Katie Thorson said.

When clients step inside Tailor Made for Success boutique, they know they'll walk out with a fresh look, ready for work.

"By the time they get in there with Raymond who styles all of them, they walk out and you can see the posture raise and I call it the proud chin," Thorson said. "When I pull back the curtain, and if you're looking down at yourself like that confidently, then you're going to keep that outfit."

A new wardrobe without a price tag.

In return? A brighter future.

"It's night and day," Thorson said. "When they walk in, it looks like they're defeated and it makes me sad and then when they walk out, they have a bag full of clothes on their back, and they're thanking you. They're very grateful and they're excited. They're confident."

The non-profit designed the program to help men and women both feel their best while job hunting and looking the part goes a long way.

"We encourage them to come back after they get their jobs and they say, 'I got the job because of this suit. I felt confident. I felt like a professional man. I felt like I deserved to be in that seat there and now I deserve this job,'" Thorson said.