Pest control companies see busy summer amid active monsoon season

The Valley has seen some storms this Monsoon season, and now, people living in parts of the Valley say they are seeing an increase in scorpions around their house.

Pest control companies say summer 2021 has been one of their busiest season in years, as active monsoon weather has brought out the bugs. 

Officials with Gilbert-based pest control service Scorpion Repel say heavy monsoon rains have forced the scorpions out of their hiding spots, causing them to look for dry places, like the inside of people's homes. They say they have been answering calls all over the Valley, but have seen a big uptick in Maricopa and Santan, where there has been a lot of rain.

"It is really scary. At the beginning of the monsoon season is when these creatures start multiplying and breeding, so if you have one in your home, the chances are you have a lot more it is extremely likely. You want yo get us out, at least spray right away and get that taken care of," said Lisa Fuller.

On top of scorpions this season, people working in pest control say they have also seen a lot of calls for cockroaches and ants for the same reason. Experts say residents should keep debris off their homes and out of their yard, and not have anything propped up on their houses.

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