Petition launched to help save iconic Paradise Valley Mall structure from the wrecking ball

A Valley group is gaining support to keep an iconic part of Paradise Valley Mall's history

The petition to save a structure known to some as "the cube" started a week ago, and already has more than 160 signatures. Demolition efforts began at the mall in July, five months after officials with the City of Phoenix approved a rezoning request that paved the way for the area to be redeveloped.

The project will include retail shops, restaurants, a grocery store, offices, self-storage, and high-rise multi-family housing no higher than 120 feet.

Woman says she wants to preserve history

One Valley native, identified only as 'Lulu", says she's doing all she can to preserve at least a piece of the defunct mall's history. She was the person who created a petition on to save the structure.

"Just growing up in North Phoenix, this is a place I hung out at a lot with friends and family, and it's just important to preserve those memories," said Lulu.

Lulu said one of the most memorable images of her childhood was walking into the front entrance of the mall, and seeing the cubes plastered above the entrances. There used to be several throughout the structure, but now, only one remains.

"It's kind of the last recognizable piece of [Paradise Valley Mall], so it would be a perfect tribute to have that in the new build for the future," said Lulu. "There's been several comments people have left, talking about how important the mall was to them."

The hope is that developers can incorporate the cube into the new project.

"Progress and change are necessary, but it's also important to remember where we came from," said Lulu.

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