Phoenix Fan Fusion returns following years-long COVID pause

After a years-long hiatus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are gathering in Downtown Phoenix once again for Phoenix Fan Fusion.

The last time Phoenix Fan Fusion held an event was in May of 2019. In March 2020, organizers postponed the event from May to September due to COVID-19. The September event was then cancelled altogether, and a Fan Fusion event that was scheduled for January 2022 was also cancelled as a result of a COVID-19 surge in September 2021.

Heat affected some attendees

With temperatures in the 100s on May 27, some attendees of the fiction entertainment and comic book convention were distressed by the heat.

"While everyone was waiting outside, a few people threw up just from being in the sun and the heat and dehydration," said one attendee.

For those in a full bodysuit or a helmet for their costume, the heat was even more noticeable. Those who got to the event site early say they waited two-and-a-half hours 

"For anyone who's got a full body costume with muscles and people with helmets on, it was kind of rough," said another attendee. "I wish it was an easier transition or a way to get in."

Attendees were eager to return to Fan Fusion

Despite the heat, it was all smiles for at least some of the attendees when they got inside the Phoenix Convention Center. Fans were eager, especially after waiting three years to get back and show off their best interpretations of their favorite characters.

Inside the convention center, booths were filled with stuffed animals, artwork, and toys. Attendees stopped and took photos together, and shared their favorite stories about their favorite characters.

Phoenix Fan Fusion is set to continue on through the weekend.

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