Phoenix volunteer makes treat bags for homeless pets

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Circle the City is a medical respite center in Phoenix that serves the homeless population - including pets.

One volunteer is going above and beyond for man's best friend, and in some cases, for family.

It all began when Jeanette Rajansky noticed that homeless people seeking the nonprofit's services were giving their own meals to their dogs.

"What happened, we were doing this years ago, and there was nothing for the dogs, and you would see the people get their breakfast and they were more concerned about feeding their dogs than themselves, of course, because they just love their animals," Rajansky explained.

So Jeanette started making dog bags as treats for the pups whose owners stopped by for a meal and some comfort. She says there's a method to her madness.

"We have our Soft & Chewy chicken and then we do three…Carry Outs, chicken flavor," Rajansky says as she places dog treats into small sandwich bags. "Three of these, and then we have our beef flavor."

The policy at Circle the City has always been to allow clients to have their dogs by their side and to love them like they do - like Jeanette does.

"Jeanette has found a way to not only volunteer and help our patients, but also help their family which is their pets," said Stephanie Martinez with Circle the City. "It's just a beautiful story."

Jeanette pays for the treats out of her own pocket. She packs the treats and hands them out, always with a smile.

"Whatever joy we can bring into their lives, even if its just for an hour, do what you can," said Jeanette. "You can't do everything but do what you can do."

The volunteer says she hasn't seen any cats yet, but as soon as they show up with their owners, she will start making cat bags too.