Supply chain disruptions, along with ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to blame for shortages in stores

People may have noticed empty shelves or missing items at their local grocery stores, and the reason for that is supply chain disruptions that are taking place globally.

The disruptions are a combination of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and other factors. Due to the pandemic, certain ports overseas are closed due to exposures and outbreaks.

Experts say it could last several more months.

"We are in a really weird time," said Dale Rogers, a professor of logics and supply chain management at the Arizona State University.

Professor Rogers has been following the supply chain shortage.

"We are seeing an incredible amount of bad things happen at the same time," said Professor Rogers. "This is really unusual."

Besides items missing from grocery shelves, cups, along with takeout boxes, are no longer available at certain coffee shops and restaurants.

Even clothing and shoes are impacted.

"Coming from China, and that is sitting out on the water," said Professor Rogers.

Rising cost of shipping containers also to blame for shortages

Another factor in the shortages is shipping, as it is now more expensive to transport items from China, since the cost of shipping containers has skyrocketed.

"The market rate is around $20,000 a container," said Professor Rogers. "You go back a year, and it was $2,500 a container."

Stores seeing impact from shortages

Local grocery stores like Basha's are seeing the impacts. Officials with the grocery chain have released a statement, which states that supply chain challenges persist across the country, and they are still battling those effects in Arizona. Officials added that many food producers are still operating with limited capacities, resulting in consumers seeing that directly available in assortments.

Experts say this is temporary, and industries are working hard to catch up. They predict some food items may be back by the middle of autumn.

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