The list of jobs considered essential during the coronavirus pandemic is longer than you might think

As many businesses shutdown to slow the spread of COVID-19, many know first responders and health care workers are considered to be essential.

However, there are other jobs on Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's essential workers list that you might not think of. They are the ones the keep society humming along.

Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo has been closed for over a week, and except a few cars, the parking lot is empty.

The cars belong to the zookeepers, who have to go to work.

"Even though we don’t have visitors here, we still have thousand of animals here at the Phoenix Zoo that require daily care, so we still have to come in feed them," said Carnivore Keeper Dawn Addelson.

Addelson's job will remain necessary, no matter the pandemic outside. The African Painted Dogs still need to get the food they fight over as a pack. An exhibit over, three beautiful cheetahs wait for the meat under their cage to start the day. A Tucan got a check up for allergies by veterinarians.

Animals need care, and they need food. It’s a necessity despite the world shuttling down outside the cages.

As the essential employees work, the Phoenix Zoo loses $80,000 per day keeping its gates locked to the public.

"We have more than 3,000 animals at the Phoenix Zoo. They have to be fed. They have to be cared for. They have to receive medical care. This is an essential job function," said Linda Hardwick with the Phoenix Zoo.

Zoo officials say they are hoping that donations can help keep them afloat.

Car Repair

On Wednesday, Mike Stanley worked on an engine at Stanley’s Auto Center. Stanley says many drivers have been coming by to make sure their cars are ready for anything, including first responders who rely on their vehicles to treat the sick.

"People want their car to be readily availabl,e and when it’s not, they panic, just like how some people are panicking over this virus," said Stanley. "They want their wheels to get to the store, get to the doctor, if they have to."

Stanley says he didn’t know if they’d make the essential jobs list, and was happy to see the Governor included mechanics.

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