Valley teens working on project to bring sustainable energy to Glendale elementary school

A group of high school students in the Valley is hoping to make a difference.

The teens, who call themselves Solar 4 Students, have been working on a project for four years to bring clean energy to underserved communities.

"Our goal is to have this solar outdoor space for students to come together and promote healthier living," said Alyssa Cortez.

The team's project is a pavilion powered by solar panels for the Barcelona Elementary School campus, which is located in Glendale.

The project aims to offer a place where students can gather under the shade and learn about sustainability.

"It will have billboards, water stations, a garden, in an effort to promote students to come together and have time outside," said Jawed Nur.

With the help of donors, the team has the funding needed to create their prototype, but they still need some help to create the rest, as well as a curriculum based on sustainability.

"The area you live in shouldn’t be a factor if students should have the ability to do real work with consequences," said Andrea Estrada.

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Solar 4 Students