With smaller Thanksgiving meals due to COVID-19 pandemic, more are looking at takeout options

Thanksgiving is just one week away, as of Nov. 19, and in a year like no other, some likely want a break from the kitchen, opting to turn to their favorite restaurants for the bird and fixings, instead of stocking up at the grocery store.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are forgoing the traditional large family gathering. Meanwhile, some restaurants say they have adapted, and they are expecting a big rush in takeouts during the Thanksgiving week.

"We have increased a lot of our to-go business, but we are ready rocking and rolling," said Executive Chef Michael Black with Doughbird in Phoenix.

Black, says requests are already pouring in for their signature Grateful Plateful Dinners.

"It includes all of our holiday favorites," said Black. "Doughbird chicken, rosemary stuffing, winter squash, gravy, and cranberry sauce."

It’s a similar story for workers at My Mother’s in Phoenix.

"So many calls for the past couple weeks now," said Manager Trudee Honahni.

Honahni says normally they ring up dozens of dinners for office parties in the area, but for 2020, they are getting less calls for those events, and more for individual families.

"We have the turkey meals we serve daily, and then we have the whole pies. Some people order whole turkeys," said Honahni.

Honahni says they’re thankful to be able to still serve the community.

"Especially a lot of people who come in and usually dine in here. A lot of them are calling in and asking how takeout is gonna work," said Honahni.