Airborne trucks, baby rescues, hilarious photo shoots: Our favorite heartwarming, strange headlines this week

Time for our regularly scheduled break from bad news. From an airborne truck in a tornado to newborn baby rescues, here are some of our favorite heartwarming and strange stories from March 19-25 that have helped make our days a little brighter:

1. New job, ride for teen driver who drove red truck in Texas tornado: The teen driver who survived being hit by a tornado says he is getting a new job and a North Texas car dealer wants to give him a new truck. 

2. 'I just did what I thought was right': Man saves teen girl during downtown Phoenix assault: A man has been honored by the Phoenix Police Department for stopping the assault of a teenage girl in downtown Phoenix last month.

3. 7-year-old boy pens sweet letters for future adopters of his foster dog: Roman Duncan, 7, wrote a series of letters to Maggie’s "new famuley" [sic] — the one that would eventually adopt the pup Roman and his parents were fostering. Roman wrote, "Maggie is so cute. Maggie loves to play fech [sic] … Maggie is the best dog ever."

Roman Duncan, 7, penned a series of letters to his foster dog Maggie’s forever family – the ones who would eventually adopt the pup Roman and his parents were fostering. (North Shore Animal League America)

4. Oregon man cashes in forgotten lottery ticket, wins $8.9M: "Better late than never," is probably what one Oregon man is saying to himself after cashing in a winning lottery ticket in February 2022 that he purchased in December 2021. 

Lottery winner

FILE - Lottery number selection slips seen at a shop.

5. Dog helps Ukraine’s Emergency Service clear explosive devices: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine paid homage to a dog who’s helping detect bombs in the city of Chernihiv amid the ongoing Russian invasion and attacks.

Credit: SES of Ukraine via Storyful

6. Blind basketball player makes shot in front of 2,500 fans: When she played in the last game of the season, 2,500 people in the packed gymnasium went completely silent, so she could listen for the tapping on the rim to know where to aim her free throw shot.

7. These single moms needed support so they bought a house, raise kids together: Friends Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper launched the Siren House, a place for them and other women to live while they figure out the next chapter in their lives.

Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper on closing day of Siren House (Credit: Holly Harper)

8. Florida volunteers rescue newborn baby from Ukraine: An 8-day-old baby boy is safe in Poland with his parents after a group of volunteers rescued the infant from war-torn Ukraine, according to Project Dynamo, an American non-profit rescue organization.

Courtesy: Project DYNAMO

9. Students wear green for St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot, with unexpected hilarious results: When your school picture day falls on St. Patrick’s Day, you may need more than the luck of the Irish to make sure you actually appear in the photos.

Oliver Snow

 Pictured is Oliver Snow on March 17th spring picture day at Sugar Grove Elementary School in Greenwood, Indiana. Well, most of him, anyway.

10. Wreck of 207-year-old whaling ship discovered in Gulf of Mexico: Nearly 190 years later, experts say, it’s still the only whaler known to have gone down in the Gulf of Mexico.

This anchor was one of two found among the remains of what is likely a 19th century whaler explored during Dive 02 of the 2022 ROV and Mapping Shakedown. Image courtesy of NOAA Ocean Exploration, 2022 ROV and Mapping Shakedown

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