Broadway Curve Project construction set to impact freeway traffic

Construction is about to start on the Broadway Curve on the I-10, as well as in several other parts of the Valley.

The Broadway Curve Project will expand lanes along the I-10, and help to ease traffic in and out of the city. In the meantime, however, that construction is expected to cause a lot of traffic for those travelling, especially this coming weekend.

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Construction will cause closures on parts of the westbound Loop 101, northbound Loop 101, and southbound Interstate 17, but the closure that is likely to impact the most people is on the I-10, between Ray Road near the Loop 202 in Chandler, to near Sky Harbor Airport and 24th Street.

"Folks need to be ready for the I-10 to be restricted down to two lanes. It's going to be westbound on Saturday, and eastbound on Sunday," said ADOT Spokesperson Doug Nintzel.

Nintzel says the Broadway Curve Project will take 3.5 years to complete, and the goal is to expand the interstate with more lanes, thereby reducing traffic backups.

"We're looking ahead to make the difference for travels, not just in terms of today's traffic. but decades from now," said Nintzel.

ADOT officials this time of year is when they get the bulk of their construction work done, when the weather is cooler and before the holidays set in. Nintzel is asking people out on the roads to be cautious and to be patient.

"For the most part, we are going to try and do enough work in the initial stages where we can try and stay out of the drivers'  way do a lot of work to the outside of the freeway, and still let the traffic flow," said Nintzel.

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