Phoenix home decorated to look like scenes from 'Beetlejuice'

A hit movie from the '80s is making a comeback in central Phoenix and just in time for Halloween.

A house decorated to look like scenes from ‘Beetlejuice’ is near 16th Street and Thomas Road and the homeowners on Sept. 18 took a second to talk about why they enjoy setting the display that'll be up through Nov. 1.

Matt Wiley and Karen Altamirano say they've seen the movie so many times and that it gets funnier each time they watch.

The newest edition to the house this year is the film's memorable waiting room where you can sit down and take a picture.

The duo started making the display four years ago, and it keeps getting bigger every year, channeling their love for the classic Tim Burton film.

The couple started out buying Halloween decorations, but after running into a few defective products, they decided to just make their own.

"So it started with just the worm and the signs on the top," Wiley said. "Then we added the devil, the signs on the top, and then the waiting room is this year's addition."

That very addition was more difficult to create than expected.

"The waiting room was actually a lot harder than we thought. We didn't know if we'd be able to actually pull it off, but I played with textures, colors, paints, so we eventually made the walls," Altamirano said. "Everything is thrifted or second-hand."

They encourage people to come up to the waiting room and take a picture.

The address is 1423 E Earll Drive. You can also visit the home's Instagram page here.

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"Beetlejuice" display at a Phoenix home