Photographer captures 'pollmageddon' over North Carolina

DURHAM, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) - Allergy season is in full bloom and if you've been living in North Carolina, you know that the last few weeks have been particulary rough.

The trees are pretty, but what looks beautiful to some is an allery sufferers worst nightmare come to life.

Between the running nose, itchy eyes, sore throat and overall feeling of death, there is little escape from looking like a 'pollen-born zombie.'

While we may be used to seeing yellow spores covering our cars, photographer Jeremy Gilchrist captured photos of what he's calling "pollmageddon." App users click here.

"No tricks here. Yes you are looking at a green haze made up of tree pollen from the pines of central NC! This is Durham," Glichrist posted on Facebook.

We imagine if you could see a 'zombie apocolypse' coming, it would look something like this.

The 'pollening' was definitely felt and seen.The source? Mainly from trees for sping/summer. Fall allergies are generally caused by weeds.

The good news is the storms that rolled in Monday and Tuesday washed a good amount of the yellow stuff away providing a repreive.


However, the remainder of the week is still not great. We're looking at medium-high pollen levels Thursday, medium levels Friday Saturday, and back to medium-high levels Sunday. So while it may not be a full blown 'achoo!' weekend, you will still want to keep the tissues (and the allergy meds) handy.

This story was reported on from Charlotte, N.C.