Streak of light in Arizona sky, Spirit Halloween memes and more: This week's heartwarming, unusual headlines

From a strange streak of light in the Arizona sky to a woman getting swallowed by a python, there was no shortage of intriguing tales this week. Here are some of our favorite heartwarming and unusual stories from Oct. 22-28 that have helped make our days a little brighter - or at least, more interesting: 

1. Homeless man builds wooden house 'on wheels' on Hollywood Boulevard A small wooden house built by a homeless man on Hollywood Boulevard is drawing a lot of attention from people passing by in one of Los Angeles' most popular neighborhoods.

2. 'He's like, I know I'm home': Arizona dog reunited with family after nearly a year: Jasper, a 13-year-old dog, went missing for nearly a year until a stranger found him, checked for a microchip, and reunited him with his family in Maricopa County.

3. After being surrendered to shelter, 19-year-old dog showered with love by best friends: Annie, a 19-year-old Labrador retriever mix, is crossing off a bucket list of adventures in her last days at a loving foster home — thanks to two best friends and roommates.

Lisa Flores (L) and Lauren Siler (R) are pictured with 19-year-old Annie, alongside an image of Annie with a birthday cake toy. (Credit: Lauren Siler)

Lisa Flores (L) and Lauren Siler (R) are pictured with 19-year-old Annie, alongside an image of Annie with a birthday cake toy. (Credit: Lauren Siler) 

4. Father rushes from coal mining job to attend game with son in touching photo: Michael McGuire didn’t have time to shower and wash away the coal dust before the game. That’s how important it was for him to be there.

Michael McGuire and his family. (Credit: Mollie McGuire)

5. High school volleyball game goes silent so player’s brother with autism can watch her play: A high school volleyball team in Wisconsin had a special request for fans attending their last regular season home game: Please don’t cheer.

6. Missing Indonesian grandmother eaten alive by 22-foot python: A 54-year-old Indonesian grandmother who went missing last Friday while collecting rubber on a plantation near her home in Jambi was eventually found in the stomach of a 22-foot python after a two-day search.


Members of a local search party located the 22-foot python nearly 48 hours after the woman disappeared. (ViralPress)

7. Streak of light over Arizona sky came from SpaceX launch: Arizona residents were abuzz on Oct. 27 after seeing a strange streak of light and an odd-shaped cloud in the sky, with many wondering if it was a meteor, rocket launch or perhaps - aliens?

8. Here’s the best fake Spirit Halloween costume memes to inspire your Spooktober outfits: Memes are becoming spookier. This Halloween, doctored images of Spirit Halloween costumes have flooded the internet making everyone think a little outside the box for this Spooktober. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 26: People wait in line outside a Spirit Halloween store in Chelsea on October 26, 2021 in New York City. Spirit Halloween is limiting the number of customers in an effort to enforce safety and comfort. Many Halloween eve

9. 'World's dirtiest man' dead at 94 'not long after' taking bath for first time in decades: He had refused to bathe for more than 60 years, fearing it would make him sick.

Amou Haji (uncle Haji) is pictured on the outskirts of the village of Dezhgah in the Dehram district of the southwestern Iranian Fars province, on December 28, 2018. - Believed to be the worlds dirtiest man, villagers say that Haji's leather-like ski

10. Explorer finds rare Civil War relics on banks of drought-stricken Mississippi River: With river levels at record lows, the artifacts were just sitting there among the rocks waiting to be picked up.

Photos shared by metal detectorist Riley Bryant, @relic.riley on Instagram, show a Civil War-era US Union box plate. (Photo credit: Riley Bryant)