Tempe police use new Spiderman-like device to take suspect into custody

A Tempe company is hoping their new non-lethal device can help police departments across the country.

It's called a BolaWrap, and Tempe PD became the first police department to use it over the Memorial Day weekend.

Video from Tempe police over Memorial Day weekend showed police officers trying to talk to a man they say appeared to be in crisis and running through traffic.

When he didn’t listen to officers, the Bola wrapped him and took him into custody.

The high-powered Kevlar wrap is designed to restrain a person, helping stop a situation before it escalates.

"There’s never been more pressure on law enforcement to change than there has been over the last 12 months," said Tom Smith, Wrap Technologies CEO. "We’re coming up with more tools like the BolaWrap that will solve these very difficult problems that our communities in law enforcement are facing."

Wrap Technologies is based in Tempe. The single shot cartridges can be effective from 10 to 25 feet - complete with a loud disorienting bang.

The Kevlar rope is the same thing body armor is made from, and even the biggest individuals can’t break out of it, according to the company.

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