Phoenix ranks 7th in the nation for worker burnout, study says

Burnt out at work? As it turns out, many people are - and Phoenix is seeing a higher rate compared to most other big cities.

According to a new study by the Robert Half Recruitment Agency, 44% of workers in the United States said they were burnt out more often than they were a year ago.

Phoenix is seeing 49% of the workforce affected by burnout, ranking 7th in the nation above most other states. Many say from personal experience that they aren't surprised.

"We are seeing the burnout when we not only look at the data for our small business owners, but then we talk to them, everyone is feeling it," said Jonathan Brooks, president of Business Warrior.

Business Warrior is a Valley-based company geared toward helping small businesses enhance their brand and marketing skills. Brooks says communication now is more crucial than ever.

"Between the team members and business owners…let’s figure out how you are being supported because the last thing you want is for people to quit," Brooks said.

The study indicates that this burnout is coming from long hours and little free time, and in one survey, many employees said they forfeited time off last year.

But to beat that workplace burnout every day, workers said they try and focus on self-care throughout the day.

"Get outdoors, find something you like to do to separate from work, because if you go home and think about work, it is a problem."

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