Cardinals fans out in full force to kick off first preseason home game

Cardinals fans were out in full force to kick off the team's first preseason home game against the Baltimore Ravens in Glendale at State Farm Stadium on Aug. 21.

Fans say they got to the stadium early in the afternoon to tailgate and enjoy the big day. Lots of people were barbecuing, playing games and hanging out with family and friends as game time inched closer.

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This year, a new outdoor food court has been unveiled. The betting building on the great lawn is still under construction, but fans say they’re excited to use it once it opens for the regular season.

Decked out in their jerseys and some even with full body paint, it's clear everyone is happy to have football Sunday back once again.

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"It’s hot as sin out here, but it’s all good. It’s all family time and game time. We’re out here to start the season. Just get it going. First home game. We’re going to be here every game," a fan said.

Another fan agrees.

"It’s a blessing because we have how many months without football. So you know we have the start of the season and so you know just very excited. We got Kyler Murray for long term, you know, JJ Watt is back. We got some new receivers, Hollywood Brown. Just ready to get things going," they said.

Fans say they are convinced not only are they going to win this game against the Ravens, but also they're convinced the team's going to follow Tampa Bay Buccaneers' lead and win Super Bowl LVII at home.

State Farm Stadium is hosting Super Bowl LVII in February 2023.