Chandler company ready to print Phoenix Suns apparel for anticipated Finals win

Gearing up for a potential NBA Championship for the Phoenix Suns, more than a dozen workers will be on hand at Stowebridge in Chandler ready to make 500 T-shirts an hour

That's the game plan, should the Suns win the NBA Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Kathy Thomas owns Stowebridge and says, "We're gonna have people here for Game 5, 6, 7, depending on when they win. We'll be printing all night long and they will continue printing them and then taking them to retail stores."

Workers say they've had to do rush orders before and at this point, they're used to it.

"After a T-shirt gets printed, we'll just put them here on this dryer, ink has to cure up. Without that, it'll just wash up," she explained.

The key difference in this production, however, is that they've never made T-shirts for a hometown NBA Champion before.

"We have sent copies to companies that manage NBA shirts to make sure we are in alignment with exactly the colors that they want and everything is printed perfectly," Thomas explained.

The hometown excitement isn't lost on them, either.

"Hope this is the start of something good. I think that's what brings me joy, seeing other people wearing them," said an employee named Bobby.

Win or lose, Thomas says she's grateful to play a part in rallying the Valley.

"We have such great fans and it is exciting to have a team that they are really doing an amazing job," Thomas said.

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