Could Phoenix bring back the red light camera enforcement program?

At least four people in Phoenix, including a police officer, have been killed in the past two weeks due to crashes involving red-light runners. 

Now, there's talk of restarting the city's red-light camera enforcement program.

From January 2021 to now, 106 people have died in crashes. During this same time frame last year, that number was 59. 

An AAA study found that Arizona leads the nation with the highest rate of red-light running deaths. The Phoenix Police Department has been dealing with the tragic toll in the last two weeks.

"Tragically that same day we held our final goodbye for our officer, many of our officers responded to a triple traffic fatality where an entire family of 3 people were killed in a red light collision," said Sergeant Ann Justus with Phoenix Police.

People who work and live near the Cave Creek and Greenway intersection where Officer Ginarro New died support red-light camera enforcement.

"I think if it saves a life, it's worth it," said local business owner Laura Feemster. "It's not going to get any better unless they do something."

It's been 18 months since the Phoenix City Council voted to shut down about a dozen red light camera, but now there's a new push to turn them back on.

Mayor Kate Gallego released a statement about the cameras: 

"I believe strongly that red light cameras are an important tool for protecting the people of Phoenix… I’ve supported them in the past and will again.  You can expect to see return to a subcommittee agenda this Fall."

Data from the City of Phoenix shows the majority of red light running crashes happen at freeway interchanges especially along Interstate 17 in Phoenix, where 109 crashes were reported in a two-year span at just five interchanges.

"Don’t be distracted when you’re driving, pay attention to the speed limit and to other drivers as well," said Sgt. Justus. "It’s a shared responsibility for us to get where we’re going safely."

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