Local animal rescue excited over news of rescue dog becoming First Dog come January 20, 2021

A shelter dog will soon be making history as first-ever dog of its kind to call the White House home.

According to reports, Major, a German shepherd, found his forever home with the Bidens in 2018 when it was adopted from the Delaware Humane Society.

As news of Major becoming the first shelter dog to become first dog, a shelter in the Valley is reacting to the news.

"He is a big, beautiful, handsome German Shepherd on one of the biggest platforms in the world. He is going to change the way people look at shelter dogs," said Michael Morefield with the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Morefield is ecstatic about the news.

"Usually, when a dog is featured in the media, like a certain breed, they become very popular, but now it’s really awesome that we get to talk about shelter dogs," said Morefield.

Morefield says thousands of dogs show up to Arizona shelters daily, and if a German Shepherd isn't what you're looking for, that's not a problem.

"There’s big dogs, small dogs, pure breeds, mutts. Everything you can find at a shelter will match your personality," said Morefield, who went on to say that Major will definitely break major barriers for shelter dogs across the nation.

"It’s really breaking down a lot of stereotypes," said Morefield. "Sometimes, people think that dogs in shelters are broken or unwanted, and that is simply not true. Sometimes, they had bad circumstances that had them end up in a shelter. Sometimes, their family couldn’t care for them anymore, of no fault of the dog or the cat, and they’re just looking for that second chance. Having a rescue dog in the White House is such a great way to change the way people look at shelter dogs."