The Court's gift to Republicans on Obamacare

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare by a 6-3 vote today, ruling the feds can still give people subsidies in states that use federal health insurance exchanges. Challengers said the law was written to only provide subsidies in places "established by the state," and most states don't have their own exchanges. So in Arizona and many other places Obamacare would've been gutted.

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But Republicans should count themselves lucky, because if Obamacare had been cut down by the Supreme Court, the burden would've fallen on the GOP to deal with millions of people who would have lost their health insurance. Republicans would have had to come up with another plan, and then defend it on the campaign trail. Not a pretty picture. Much easier just to rail against Obamacare to rally their voters.

So President Obama's signature achievement remains on the books. It'll be a rallying cry in 2016. If Republicans want to do away with it, they'll have to elect a Republican president and large Republican majorities in both the House and Senate to chip away at the Affordable Care Act. The chances of that happening… well, who knows?

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