Who's considered middle class? In Arizona, that depends on where you live

It's a question that comes up from time to time: How much money does a person need to make in order to be considered a part of the middle class.

Based on figures from a new study, the answer to that question will differ depending on where you live in Arizona.

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Here's what to know.

Who did the study?

The study, which was done by the website SmartAsset, looked into data from the Census Bureau for the median household income in 345 of the largest cities in the country, and defined middle class as two-thirds to double the median income in an area.

What do the figures say about the middle class in Arizona?

Depending on where you live in Arizona, the amount of money you make may or may not allow you to maintain a middle-class standing.

Based on the figures, a person living in Tucson would need to make at least $34,184 per year to maintain a middle class standing, but that lower threshold rises to $48,269 for people in Glendale, $59,381 for people in San Tan Valley, and $74,255 for people in Gilbert.

The study lists the following minimum income threshold for people in a number of Arizona cities, ranked below from lowest to highest:

  • Tucson: $34,184
  • Glendale: $48,269
  • Phoenix: $50,641
  • Tempe: $50,666
  • Mesa: $52,992
  • Peoria: $57,960
  • San Tan Valley: $59,381
  • Buckeye: $63,484
  • Goodyear: $64,342
  • Surprise: $64,602
  • Chandler: $65,769
  • Scottsdale: $67,084
  • Gilbert: $74,255

Did the income threshold increase?

Yes, as a similar study done by the same firm in 2023 shows the minimum middle class income limit was $33,705 for Tucson, and $70,217 for Gilbert.

How does that compare with other cities?

The study states that middle class status is harder to get in cities and areas that are well known for their tech industry, with people in the San Francisco Bay area needing to make at least $81,623.

Some other cities, meanwhile, have a much lower income threshold, with people in Cleveland needing only $23,827 to maintain middle class status.