Unique online auction startup from Nevada opening pickup location in Glendale

GLENDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- A unique online startup from Nevada is opening a pickup location in Glendale.

The CEO of Nellis Auction, Spencer Chupinsky, says most of his customers save 50% to 90% off retail price for all sorts of products, and the great thing is people can auction from the comfort of their own home, and pick up the item at the pick-up location, whenever it's convenient.

Chupinsky says Nellis Auction just has a whole bunch of stuff. Stuff that's not necessarily used, but returned, and most are still in great condition.

"We wanted to come up with a very efficient process that can take in retailer returns, and then find its next best use," said Chupinsky.

Chupinsky bought Nellis Auction in 2012, which used to be an old family-owned traditional auction warehouse in Nevada, and digitized the process. As a teenager, he already used to sell items on eBay out of his garage, and got the idea to localize online auctions.

"Three steps," said Chupinsky. "You need to register, place bids and win, and come pick up."

Nellis Auction has everything from rugs to toys, electronics and cooking appliances. Chupinsky says price is why his company is doing so well. No matter how expensive the product, even items worth thousands of dollars, have bids starting only at $5.

"It's a very similar function to eBay," said Chupinsky. "The benefit here, a little different is we're local pick up only. So, people in Glendale and the Phoenix area, if they bid and win something on the website, they'll have to come down to our location and pick up physically. There's not a shipping option."

Other benefits include more personalized customer service, and a guarantee in the quality of its products. Chupinsky says he's expecting to get a lot of returned Christmas presents in his inventory right no, calling this the peak season for nellis auction.

Now, an idea that started out in Chupinsky's garage has turned into a multimillion dollar company. The company is still looking to hire 25 full-time employees locally to fill positions for warehouse workers and inventory clerks.

Nellis Auction
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