7-year-old girl channels Spike Lee in tribute for Black History Month

A 7-year-old girl from Detroit, Michigan, channeled Spike Lee as she walked through an AMC Theater wearing bright-orange glasses, a baseball cap, and drawn-on facial hair.

"My name is Spike Lee.  My mom nicknamed Me Spike Lee 'cuz I was tough and scrappy kid," Rossie White said in a video taken by her mother.

Kenya White told Storyful her daughter was very excited about going to the theater to create the video and said Rosie could "feel the whole Spike Lee vibe, and she delivered!"

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"Spike Lee is one of the dopest, most recognizable directors in the world. It’s mainly because of his fun frames, cool clothes, or representing the New York Knicks," White said. "What a perfect person to portray for Black History Month."

White told Storyful they made the video in the hallway in front of other moviegoers, who applauded Rosie’s impressive performance.