93-year-old man dies after car crashes into pond

A 93-year-old man has died after crashing his car into a pond in the West Valley last night. It happened in Sun City and a 93-year-old woman in the car survived.

It happened in the back of a grocery store parking lot. The caution tape is still up and the wall has a gaping hole. Down below, there are tracks going all the way in to the water. That's where the man lost his life, and the woman survived.

 The accident happened just before 6 p.m. Tuesday night. A 93-year-old man and woman slammed through a concrete wall and chainlink fence, sliding down a semi-steep slope into the water down below.

There was apparently an air pocket somewhere inside the car. Several people reportedly jumped in to save them. There were eventually pulled out of the car by emergency crews. She survived, he did not.

Officials believe the man had some sort of medical issue that may have led to the crash but that hasn't been fully determined yet. The woman was transported to the hospital as a precaution. She's expected to be OK.