Woman accused of helping ex-fiancé murder his baby’s mother in Carrollton in 2020 arrested in Miami

A second person has been arrested in the brutal murder of a mother in Carrollton back in 2020.

Holly Elkins is in federal custody.

The 32-year-old is the ex-fianceé of Andrew Beard, who is already serving more than 40 years in prison for the stalking and killing of Alyssa Burkett.


Carrollton PD: Man hunted his child's mother before murdering her

A man accused of murdering the mother of his child when she was trying to go to work posted bond and is out of jail.

Burkett’s grandfather said he was shocked to hear Elkins was arrested in Miami. 

Federal investigators have accused Elkins of helping plant drugs in Burkett’s car and being part of the plan to kill her.

Burkett and Beard had a child together.


In 2020, Beard shot Burkett while she was in a parking at work, and then stabbed her multiple times.

Beard appeared in Black face to make possible witnesses think the gunman was Black.

Investigators said Elkins assisted Beard in putting a tracking device, drugs, and a gun in Burkett’s car. She is also accused of helping Beard buy the makeup for his disguise. 

Their plot was to make it look like Burkett was selling drugs at work.

Burkett’s grandfather is still processing the news.

"It’s a challenge, and this arrest, it came as a surprise, but the more details I find out about it, the more I realize that she played a really big part of this and she’s gone two-and-a-half years without any accountability. So I am glad she is being held accountable at this point," Russell Forsyth said.

Forsyth said his great-granddaughter, who turns four this month, does recognize that her mother is gone.

As for Beard, he is serving 43 years in prison.

Elkins could face two life sentences in federal prison if convicted.