Amazon donates supplies to Phoenix school

School is already back in session, but we know that classrooms need supplies year round. So Amazon decided to surprise teachers at a Valley elementary school with thousands of dollars in school supplies for their classrooms.

Amazon employees stopped by Fowler Elementary School Thursday afternoon to drop off $15,000 worth of school supplies for teachers.

"We just want to reduce the burden on some of the teachers that have to make sure their classes are ready to go when school starts," said John Giusti with Amazon.

Each teacher is getting a new projector and a box full of supplies.

"Some superstar students they love getting these," said one teacher.

"Lots of markers and dry erase packets," said another teacher.

It's not only a big help for teachers, but it's also a gift for the students.

"Most of the stuff we got we need in our classroom for our kids to be able to learn," said a teacher.

"Our teachers work really hard every single day to provide everything they can educationally for our students, and these donations help tremendously," said Principal Evelyn Garcia.

Amazon donates to schools in several cities around the country.