Arizona attorney arrested, accused of aggravated assault

An attorney in Arizona is arrested and accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, along with other charges.

The incident allegedly began to unfold, after her husband told her he wanted a divorce.

Anne Marie Oppenheimer, 46, is facing alleged aggravated assault charges, among other charges. According to Gilbert Police, her husband called 911 and said that she was drunk and had fired her handgun in their home. Police were able to reach Oppenheimer, she was arrested when she walked out of the house without the gun.

Oppenheimer originally said she was cleaning her gun in the house, and it accidentally went off. Her husband, however, said earlier that day, he had told her he wanted a divorce, and they argued several times.

Then, at about 7:00 p.m., Oppenheimer's husband said said he went into the master bedroom, shut the door, and heard a gunshot. He got out of the bedroom and left the house to call the cops. Later, Oppenheimer told police she did not know how the gun went off. She also admitted to using a hammer to smash 39 holes in the hallway and entertainment room, and also damaged the couple's TV.

Police found the gun under the bed in the master bedroom, and took Oppenheimer to jail.