Arizona woman who worked at Pentagon reflects on 9/11

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - For people like Char McCreadie who were part of America's darkest days, remembering follows somber reflection... even 17 years later.

"I had family members also in the building that did survive, but neighbor, Chris, and many of my friends did not," she said. "I also had several friends in tower one and a friend from here in Arizona who's husband was on the plane that hit tower two."

Her memory is still so vivid. When terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed them in New York City, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, Char was already at work at the Pentagon.

"I was stationed in the Pentagon and working in the Pentagon that day when the plane hit," she said. "I had literally just walked out of the building a few minutes before the plane crashed, as I was headed to an off-base appointment. And that's the reason I survived, I'm sure."

For the last few years, the former mortuary officer pays her respects from here in Arizona. Char says no matter where she reflects from, every day is a challenge that never gets easier, but it's one that she will never forget.

"For whatever reason, I'm here to share their story and remember them," she said.