Art program in Scottsdale helping those living with memory loss

There is a a special program in Scottsdale that is designed to help those with dementia enjoy the arts.

The Memory Lounge at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts is opening up a whole new world for those with debilitating brain diseases.

"We'd like to get them to live in the moment and engage in the arts, and that's what they do here," said Laura Hales, Curator of Education at Scottsdale Arts.

Memory Lounge is a new program at the museum, which is a series of events put together for people with mild to moderate dementia and their care partners, allowing them to engage in the arts.

"What happens when you engage in an art activity is that it lowers your stress and anxiety levels," said Hales. "And that, in turn, boosts your immune system."

It also lessens the symptoms of depression, a mental disorder that can often go along with memory loss illnesses like dementia. Hales said the Memory Lounge program sets them apart from other programs out there.

"We introduce our participants to all art forms, so it makes it a little bit different and exciting," said Hales.

The program, helping people live in the moment.

"For it to be a social outing for people to meet other who are going through very similar circumstances, and they help each other out and become supportive of each other," said Hales.

Hales said Memory Lounge also allows caregivers to sit back and enjoy themselves.

"Something that we can do as an arts organization to really give back to the community, and knowing that arts can help heal and help people feel better," said Hales.

The program is free, and the last event of the season will be held on December 7.

Scottsdale Arts - Memory Lounge