ASU freshmen ready for first day of college

About 11,000 of ASU's newest batch of Sun Devils traveling from near and far are getting themselves ready for their first day of college.

"Sometimes, they want syllabuses and they quiz you on it and stuff and I haven't even looked on the website and stuff, but thankfully my class is at three," Freshman Kylie Miller said.

For freshmen like Kylie, it's a big day.

"A little nervous but pretty good," McKayla Castle said.

But they'll join about 70,000 other students who have done this all before by hitting the books, studying hard and getting ready for a successful year.

"Reading my textbooks, going through the syllabus, stuff like that," Sophomore Anaka Weaver said.

But with this huge influx in Tempe's population, the city's police department will be out in full force and make sure pedestrians and motorists follow the rules, while also keeping any partying at bay.

FOX 10's Troy Hayden spoke with Sgt. Josie Montenegro earlier this week.

"We want to make sure that people hosting the parties and having people over, even on the first offense, they could be cited," she said.

She says she wants them to have fun, but their success in school is top priority and for many, today is where it all begins.