Bonded Logic turns your old jeans into consumer products

Turning your jeans and natural textile fibers into commercial and consumer products.

That's what Bonded Logic, a family-owned company running for the last 20 years does at their manufacturing facility in Chandler.

"We're always replacing something that's not sustainable, whether it's a petroleum-based foam or fiber glass material," Sean Desmond said. "Our material is always equaling performing, but a lot more environmentally-friendly."

Creating insulation from your denim happens at two different facilities and takes just 25 minutes.

"Each truck load of denim is about 44,000 pounds and we're doing more than 10 or 12 of those every single week, so it's a lot of denim that we're going through," Desmond said.

With all of those shipments comes more employees, but some aren't your average worker.

"We supplement our workforce by bringing in inmate labor," Desmond said.

It's part of the Arizona Correctional Industries, which gives inmates a chance to be a working member of society.

"They get a chance to leave their cells for a day, come out to a facility like ours, earn some money, be productive, part of a society and it also helps them transition back into the workforce as they're going to be ending their term," Desmond said.

A win-win by helping the environment and supplying jobs to those who need it most.

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