Brother of murdered teacher wants people to focus on the positive impact she made

New details about the disappearance and murder of a Valley kindergarten teacher: Flagstaff police revealed the location where Cathryn Gorospe's body was found and announced the case is now officially being classified as a homicide.

Cathryn's brother and father say they will never find closure, although they will still be there every step of the way to make sure justice is served upon her killer.

Police say sometime after Cathryn bailed Charlie Malzahn out of jail, he murdered her and took her vehicle. He dumped her body in the town Mayer, nearly 90 miles south of where she was last seen alive. She was discovered on private property, about a half-mile off of Highway 69, behind a large pile of dirt.

"It was definitely hard going there knowing that my sister had been laying there for over a week," said Cory Gorospe. "Did she suffer? What was she thinking? Was she yelling for me and my dad? That's the hard part."

Cory is haunted by the unknown horrors of how his sister's life came to an end after visiting the site where her body was discovered. There's no rhyme or reason for the tragic sequence of events, he says. What matters is that Cathryn is remembered for the joy and knowledge she brought into the world, how she helped kids and adults reach their full potential, how she took extra steps to help those she saw struggling.

"Despite all the stories of why is this kindergarten teacher bailing out a known felon, she had a big heart, she thought this guy could change and she wanted to help him change. I hear everyone say let's do something for mankind.. that's what my sister was doing," said Cory.

Flagstaff police have not stated how or where Charlie Malzahn killed the beloved kindergarten teacher. Murder charges are pending.

"He had many opportunities to just leave her, just walk away, leave her in the woods, leave her on the side of the road, find her way home," said Cory.

Malzahn remains in a Phoenix jail on unrelated charges.

Cathryn leaves behind her family, friends, students and her dog, Sunshine.

"Who knows how many children won't have the privilege to be taught by her. There's a lot of lives that could've been changed that won't be changed now," said Cory. "Remember my sister for who she was.. if everyone tried to be more like her, I think this would be a better world."

Condolences for Cathryn Gorospe