Bystander helps stop carjacking at Florida gas station, police say

A man visiting Florida from North Carolina prevented a tragic situation by stepping in to help a man fend off an alleged carjacker, police said.

Marvette Perry, 36, was arrested on Saturday, charged with carjacking, burglary with assault, resisting an officer, and a few other offenses. According to police, she jumped into a man's car at an Ormond Beach Exxon gas station.

FOX 35 News spoke with Adam McDaniel, who was pumping gas at the time of the alleged attempted carjacking. McDaniel said he removed his gun from his center console and kept it on standby once he noticed Perry wandering around and acting suspiciously.

Shortly after the vehicle owner stepped out to use the bathroom, McDaniel said Perry made a move. 

"She bee-lined right in and jumped into his car, and he grabbed her by the ankle," McDaniel explained. 

He said he rushed over and pointed his weapon at Perry until she calmed down.

"Didn't have to point it at her again. She kind of went stone-cold once I pointed it at her the first time," he said.


When the police arrived, the victim was still found holding on to Perry’s ankle in an effort to prevent her from taking off.

"I come from a small town in North Carolina where we help people, so I just couldn't… sit back, watch that transpire, and not do anything about it," McDaniel said. 

McDaniel said had he not stepped in to help, the situation could've been much worse.

"It might have saved that gentleman's car from getting jacked. It could have saved somebody from getting hurt," he said.

Perry is being held in Volusia County Jail without bond.