Casey White charged with felony murder in death of jail guard Vicki White

Former escaped convict Casey White has been charged with felony murder in the death of former jail guard Vicki White, who assisted him in a shocking escape attempt earlier this year.

Vicki, 56, was believed to have taken her own life rather than be apprehended by police following a car chase with authorities. It is unclear whether the new charges against Casey indicate a change in that fact pattern.

Casey and Vicki crossed multiple state lines together before the car chase in Indiana. The pair was on the run for 11 days.

Casey's trial does not yet have a start date.

Casey had been serving a 75-year prison sentence at the time of his escape.

A recording of a 911 call from inside Casey and Vicky's fleeing Cadillac supported reports that Vicky had shot herself in the head following the crash.

The call included audio from moments before and after the vehicle crashed and partially rolled over.

"She’s got a gun in her hand, and she’s breathing," someone at the scene can be heard saying. "She’s got her finger on the trigger." 

A coroner later determined her cause of death as suicide.

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