Caught on camera: Fistfight breaks out on Southwest Airlines flight

It wasn't aloha on one particular flight: A brawl broke out thousands of feet in the air, with at least two men engaged in a fistfight on a Southwest Airlines plane.

In the video posted by Instagram user "Kauai.AirBnb", two men were duking it out as other passengers tried to intervene. One passenger tried to speak calmly with one of the men, helping defuse the situation. 

The flight in question had departed from Oakland International Airport Monday morning and landed at Lihue Airport on Kaua'i Island in Hawaii that afternoon. It's unclear what time the fight occurred during the flight. 

It's also unclear what circumstances led to the fight and if any arrests or charges were made.

The flight was not diverted and was able to land just a few minutes after its scheduled arrival time in Hawaii. 

Southwest Airlines confirmed an incident occurred to KTVU in a statement, saying, "Our reports indicate that two Customers became disruptive onboard flight 1288 on Feb. 12 from Oakland to Lihue. We commend our Crew and Customers for their professionalism in defusing this situation. Our number one priority is the Safety and well-being of our Customers and Employees. The flight landed safely at its scheduled destination and local authorities met the aircraft upon arrival."

Over the matter, the U.S. Department of Transportation said they have "zero tolerance for violent or unruly behavior aboard an aircraft."